How it Works
The pool is simple. You don’t need to pick players, or really know all that much about hockey. You pick the team that is going to win the Stanley Cup…that’s it! If the team you pick is eliminated, well, you’re pretty well out! So choose wisely!

The winner, or winners, who pick the right team take the loot! The more people who picked the winning team the more the loot is divided, so it MAY pay off to take a chance on a lower seed team. We stress the MAY!


“Loser Bottle” – The Don Cherry

Also we would like to introduce the DON CHERRY!
Now instead of being out once your team loses, all entrants (except for the admins) whose teams did NOT make it to the Stanley Cup finals will be entered into a draw for a really nice bottle of Scotch.   So there is some slight hope you may still get something even if you’re out!


The Entry Fee
Instead of cold hard cash, we’ve mixed up this playoff pool. All participants enter a bottle of liquor! It must be a 2-6! (you know the size above a mickey and less than a forty in measurement terms 750ml).

No Beer! No Wine! None of Tito’s homemade Shine!

To add a bit of a further twist: Teams are ranked according into four different categories. Ultra-Premium, Premium, Average, or Long Shot. These are based off the teams Vegas Odds to win the cup.

The better the odds, the higher up the team is ranked. The higher a team is ranked, the more your entry is going to cost you! Here are the rankings:

Ultra-Premium team 46= A very high end bottle of Booze (>= $50.00)
Premium team star_premium= A premium bottle of Booze (>= $40.00)
Average team star_potential= An average bottle of Booze (>= $30.00)
Long Shot team star_outside= A lesser bottle of Booze (Any Bottle, ~$20+)

It’s a fairly loose scale, but we know our booze! So PLEASE be honest as we’ll know (probably) if you try to sneak in a cheap bottle of booze for a premium team!


How the Booze is Allocated
The winners will rank the top 10 bottles they would like to receive, and then their top 5 alcohol choices (rye, gin, vodka, etc.).  We will endevour to stick to the winners lists as much as possible to ensure you’re getting what you want!

Then the pool admins will then randomly select the order the winners will ‘pick’ in.
After that it’s a snake draft. Winner 1 picks, then Winner 2 picks, then Winner 3 picks, and so on and so forth. Until the last person has picked. Then the order is reversed, and the winners pick again.
And once the order is back to the top, it reverses again and Winner #1 picks again. This goes on until all the bottles are gone!

For example:
Don, Jill, and Bob have won the pool. The admins randomly select the draw order, the order is Jill, Don, and then Bob.

Jill has ranked her booze 1) Havana Club Rum 2) Bombay Sapphire Gin 3) Crown Royal Rye.
Don has ranked his booze 1) Havana Club Rum 2) Crown Royal Rye 3) Bombay Sapphire Gin.
Bob has ranked his booze 1) Bombay Sapphire Gin 2) Havana Club Rum 3) Crown Royal Rye.

Jill goes first, she gets her 1st pick, the Havana Club Rum. Don goes second, his first pick is gone, so he gets his 2nd pick, the Crown Royal Rye. Bob goes last and still ends up getting his 1st pick the Bombay Sapphire.
The order is done, now it reverses, Bob is back up again, then Don, then Jill…

Seems a bit confusing? Seems like a bit of work? Don’t worry, the pool admins will get the winners rankings (they can be emailed in, HENCE the reason for requiring an email address…that and pool updates!) and handle the sorting of the loot!

It’s done this way so (hopefully) each winner receives a few bottles they really want, and no one gets ‘stuck’ with a bunch of booze they don’t want. Will you still probably get a bottle or two you’re not crazy about? Yes.
But you won, and a lot of people didn’t, so your tears may not get a lot of sympathy.

What if only one person wins? Well then the sorting is easy. Enjoy your massive winnings!

What if a team wins that no one has selected? The 2nd place team will be declared the ‘pool winner’ and winnings split to them. The odds that no one out of 150+ people pick the top two teams…well…lets just hope we never see it.

The draft will be stock standard, snake draft, as described above.


Simple. Your team pick MUST be in to the admins (sitting in our email inbox is OK) by 5PM on the 10th of April.  No unfair advantages please!

Your ‘entry fee’ MUST be in to the admins no later than 7PM Monday April 15TH, 2019.  If you say you’re in, you’re in, even if your team has lost it’s first couple games!

Your entry fee can either be:

A) Dropped off at our residences, email for directions.
B) Dropped off at any of our places of work
C) Organize a place to meet an admin to hand off the entry fee
D) Pay us cash and we’ll pick up your entry fee for you. (explained below)


Paying Cash
If you need to pay by cash for whatever reason, you can either hand it to us, or if you have online banking you may send a payment directly to an admin. Please email for details if you’re concerned about using this option.

We have added a $5.00 mark up on the dollar amount expected of you for your pick (if this is your payment option). Why? Because it’s more work for us to handle money, and to go out and purchase booze (and we’re covering our butts so we aren’t paying the GST out of pocket). Convenience has its price.

So if you picked an Ultra-Premium team 46: $55.00
If you picked a Premium star_premium team: $45.00

If you picked an Average star_potential team: $35.00
If you picked a Long Shot star_outside team: $25.00